Welcome to my dark side

Initially, I created this blog with the intention of moving my old one here.  Once it was up and running though, I had second thoughts.  I like my other blog (my personal one) and although I like what WordPress has to offer, I don’t think I am quite ready to move away from all the sentimental comments, postings and what-nots I have on the blogspot one.  So, after some thought I have decided to have two.  This one however is not a recording of a personal journey, but rather a reflection of the other side of me.  The darker side that enjoys horror, gore and things that go bump in the night.
I shall be posting things of a darker nature here.  Some of what I’ve done myself and some that other writers have done.  It won’t be me ranting about the weather or giddy about my holidays!  For that, you can visit my other blog here:  Old Blog

I look forward to seeing you stop by.  I look forward to your thoughts on what is posted.  But mostly, I look forward to delving into the dark minds that I know is in each and everyone of us.


By A Window Into The Dark