Bad Company

He surprises, time after time!

Pen of the Damned

“So, am I correct in assuming that you only go for our white women?” Richard asked, spearing the slice of grilled pork with his fork and jabbing the meat into his eager mouth.

Here it was. The moment of truth that Nathan had been dreading since before he arrived. The question, delivered with such revulsion that his many hours of mental gymnastics had proven inadequate preparation for the sting once the words finally sliced through the tenuous air.

He shot a sly glance across the table at his host.

“Richard, it’s obvious you and I come from different worlds, but we’re not all that different,” Nathan responded, the frozen eyes from the faces of so many dead animal heads mounted on the walls staring down at him, urging him to continue. “In Philly, questions like that don’t get asked. It doesn’t matter how others live their lives. My guess…

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By A Window Into The Dark

4 comments on “Bad Company

  1. “If you fall, I will catch you. I will be waiting…” *toothy grin* (Couldn’t resist using that one again… *snicker*)

    Why thank you Madame of the Dark Window, for your reblog of my wickedness is greatly appreciated. You are such a kind one, no matter what any else says. *kidding smile*

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